Meet the Women of The Salty Sunshine

We are women. Single. Married. Divorced. New moms. Experienced moms. Stay-at-home moms. Career women. Retired women. Introverts. Extroverts. Different ages. Different gifts. Different battles. Different victories. All beginning our journeys as Christians at different times in our lives. What unites us all—we are all Daughters. Daughters of a loving Father in Heaven who calls us in Matthew 5:13-16 to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This collaborative is our dash of salt and twinkle of light. It is our intention that while here, you are filled by our testimonies of His grace, hope, forgiveness, and love, and that we add a bit of salty sunshine to your day. 



Summer DeVylder

Summer is a wife and mother of three (two boys, 7 and 3, and one girl, 1). During the week, she is a kid-chauffeuring, housekeeping, storytelling, hiding-and-seeking stay-at-home mom. On the weekends, she has a fulfilling career as a nurse in an intensive care unit. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going on adventures with her family, spending time outdoors, hiking, and crafting. Summer grew up attending church as a child, identified as agnostic during early adulthood, and has been in her walk with Christ since 2015. She hopes that through her testimony, others beginning their journey as Christians will find hope, grace, and comfort.

Natale Edwards

Natale is married to her high school sweetheart, and together, they have two beautiful girls (almost 6 and 2.5 years). She has been riding the roller coaster of her nursing career for 14 years, spending almost a decade loving on tiny miracles in the NICU. She accepted Jesus into her heart in her very early teens; however, Jesus had taken a back seat in her journey until the past two years. Natale recently discovered a new home church, and her heart has been reignited to serve both the Lord and others and to educate herself more in the Bible’s teachings. She prays that sharing her life with others brings positive light to their world!

Lauren Abbott

Lauren Abbott is the wife of a sheriff deputy and mother to their two beautiful young children. She retired from her career as a full-time dental hygienist when her then-18-month-old son suffered from a cardiac arrest. By God’s grace, he survived it, and Lauren is now blessed to be a stay-at-home momma. Some of her favorite things to do are fellowshipping with friends and family, cooking up favorite dishes from her Italian heritage, enjoying all things Disney, hustling her online beauty business, and sharing how God’s faithfulness has impacted her life. Lauren has a passion for sharing with women the beauty, value, and worth they all have because of what Christ has done for them, and she hopes that through her writing, she will uplift and empower everyone who reads it to pursue the Lord with a fierce heart.    

Mig Willhite-Gallian

Mig, a wife and mother of five, is an empty nester who is determined to live the next stages of her life non-stop—with Christ steering her way. She has spent years working with families in need, helping them learn how to raise their children by teaching child development and working on family goals, and advocating for abused children in the foster care system. She is also a beekeeper, a Lyft driver, and a self-described essential oils “nerd” who loves to volunteer in her spare time.

Kimberly Lee

Kim is a household CEO and entrepreneur sharing her adventures in the parenting of three young girls and her experiences as wife to a successful entrepreneur to help empower other moms going through the grind to stay inspired, remain full of hope, and be encouraged in their season! Kim is raising a beautiful blended family in Indiana and has mastered many challenges of co-parenting. Kim graduated from the Indiana University School of Dentistry and practiced as a registered dental hygienist for 11 years. Kim enjoys traveling with her family, hosting small groups for moms, reading, crafting, and growing her businesses.

Brittney Sundheimer

Brittney is the wife of a handsome firefighter and mother to a wonderful baby boy. She’s the prodigal daughter returned. Having wandered far from God, she appreciates His grace and redemption in her life all the more. Being a wife and a mother has taught her even more about God’s love and His goodness. She loves to share her redemption story and the lessons God continues to teach her every day, in hopes it may help others find that same freedom in Christ.

Melanie Middlesworth

Melanie is a former writer and editor who traded in her glamorous desk job for the equally glamorous life of cooking for, cleaning up after, and chauffeuring around her rambunctious crew of four daughters—comprised of two teenagers, a middle schooler, and an elementary-aged tomboy. She can usually be found at the gym burning off steam or volunteering at school. She and her husband of almost 18 years love golfing together and cheering on their girls (a bit obnoxiously) at their volleyball, softball, and golf matches. A creative soul who enjoys almost anything crafty, Melanie has recently fallen in love with Bible journaling and is eager to share her view of Jesus, life, and motherhood with others.

Lindsay Nesbitt

Lindsay Nesbitt has been married to an exceptional man of God for three years and just had their firstborn, Thomas Elliot, in February 2018. She studied photography and fine art in college and has been working in marketing for the same architectural company for 12 years. She can always be found with her new little one, attempting a work/life balance from home. In 2013, at age 27, she found Jesus, and He has flipped her world upside down—transforming her from a hippy-dippy party girl to a full-fledged, Jesus-worshipping, Bible-believing wife and mother with a lot of love to give and many experiences to share.

Sara Welsh

Sara is a former teacher and coach who is now unexpectedly navigating the choppy waters of a corporate job as a single mother. Although she grew up in church and always believed in God, it wasn’t until the past few years that Sara made the decision to align her life with Christ. She is a survivor—of a traumatic brain injury as a child, a string of moves as an adolescent, deaths of multiple loved ones during her early adult years, and an unexpected divorce as a new mother—and she now clings to God’s Word for both peace and purpose. Sara cherishes every moment with her equally spirited seven-year-old son and two large dogs. She writes in the hopes that her journey may shine a light on God’s loving and redemptive nature as well as encourage others with full transparency of her struggles and successes through God’s grace and provision.

Callie Carroll

Callie is passionate about the heart of women for their families. She is a mom of one special little Grace Gift and wife to a handsome God-fearing man who pushes her to be the best version of herself. Some of her favorite things include spending time with her family, eating popcorn, crafting, attempting to cook, and boating. As a stay-at-home mom, Callie has been taking a new journey of self-discovery and digging deeper into what God has called her to be in this season of life. She lives each day as they come with prayer, coffee, and Jesus!


Johnetta Ziobron, Salty Sunshine Prayer Warrior

None of this would be possible without our Lord and Savior and the power of prayer. This project and contributors have been covered in prayer since its conception. We are so thankful for Johnetta’s continued prayers and faith in our vision.

Johnetta retired from marketing sales after many years as a retirement counselor. She now enjoys every day as a new day being led by the Holy Spirit as a wife, mother, and grandmother. The Holy Spirit has led her to use her spiritual gifts in many ways of Christian ministry, including Bible studies, small groups, and personal ministry. She feels blessed and excited to support the Salty Sunshine team members through prayer and mentorship.