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Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

Below are just some of the dates we have in our Date Night Jar. These dates can be as fun as you make them; it’s all about putting in a little effort, some creativity, and just having fun together. Please share some of your favorite at-home dates in the comments!

  • Bucket List – Create a marriage bucket list of all the things you’d like to do together. Create it into something you can display in your master bedroom or bathroom or even closet. Type it up in pretty fonts and frame it or make a vision board with poster board and magazines. Make it fun! (We haven’t gotten to this date yet, but I know ours will include attending Winter and Summer Olympic Games and hiking Machu Picchu…. I cannot wait for this date! I’m a planner!)
  • Board Game Night – Slightly generic, but you could make it interesting by trying a game neither of you has ever played before or favorite board games from your childhood. Many local libraries now have board games you can check out on loan, which is a great way to try a new game and save money.
  • Drawing Class – Find a drawing lesson on YouTube and learn to draw together or rent some drawing books from the library. You might surprise yourselves and one another with a hidden talent you never knew about. You could be living with a real-life Jack Dawson and didn’t even know it.
  • Couples Massages – Get some candles or essential oils going, play some soft, tranquil music, and transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis.
  • Fondue Dessert – After the kids go to bed, break out the crockpot, candles, and chocolate!
  • Craft Night – Create something together you could display in your home and that you would both enjoy making. We really like some of the nail art pictures we’ve seen and plan on making one on this date night…. I’m the more creative one, and he’s better with a hammer and nails, so it works out well.
  • Bob Ross Date Night – Similar to the drawing date night, but buy some cheap canvases and some paints and enjoy an evening with Bob. (Helpful tip: if you have Amazon Prime, the “Bob Ross: Joy of Painting” is free!) This one will take a little more planning and prep than the other dates.
  • Stargazing Date – Unless you are an astronomy whiz (neither of us are), check out some books on constellations from the library or do some research online. Then cozy up in the backyard for an night under the stars. Step it up a notch with a telescope…I’m not saying build one in ‘A Walk to Remember’ style here, although it’d be pretty awesome…but if you don’t have one you can always borrow from a friend (or if you’re like us, from your children).
  • Map Out Travel – Use a large atlas to map out the places you’d like to travel together. Write down things you want to see or do at each location. If you would like to do missions together, use different colors to indicate if you’d like to travel for leisure or missions.
  • Vintage Movie Night – Okay, I put this on our list for me…. My husband doesn’t share my love of the Turner Classic Movie channel, but he will indulge me for date night.
  • Teach Me Night – This is a date where you each teach one another how to do something. Maybe like how to sew on a button and how to change a tire.
  • Puzzles and Popcorn – Pop some homemade popcorn and complete a puzzle together that doesn’t have pieces the size of your hand and creates a life-sized dinosaur.
  • Candlelight Dinner – Eat a light snack with the kids and then get dressed up for a candlelit romantic dinner after bedtime.
  • Video Game Night – Warning! Passionate players need not participate… may negate the purpose of date night.
  • Mani/Pedi Spa Night – I can about guarantee that husbands will love this one, even if they will never admit it.
  • Baking Night – Bake something new together, a recipe from scratch you’ve never tried before.



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