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“Purposeful Podcast”

With great JOY, we are happy to share that our friend and collaboration partner, Sara, was guest featured on Daron Earlewine’s “Born to Be Podcast”! Congratulations to you, sweet Sara! The Salty Sunshine team and readers are so blessed by your insights and your talent for sharing your walk with God! We are so proud of you and KNOW God has a great future planned for you!

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Readers, take a moment to listen to “Sara Welsh on Getting Unstuck in Life” on the Born to Be Podcast. The episode is approximately 30 minutes in length. Sara will walk you through a life-threatening childhood accident she sustained. Sara will go on to discuss how losing a multitude of loved ones over the course of a year and then finding herself as a single mother, all shaped her journey with God. Sara will talk about how her attendance in “Spiritual DNA” ( has helped her get to know herself, leading to extensive knowledge on how she, as an individual, can connect to God.

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We enjoy being able to share positive resources with our readers!

Thank you for listening to God, Sara, and sharing all He has done in your life! We love you!


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