Mom. Mommy. Mother. Mama. Mum.

Happy Monday! Hello to all of you readers. I hope all the Mom’s out there had a WONDERFUL day, doing whatever it is that makes you truly happy, refreshed and energized. This was my second Mother’s Day ever, and it was full of family, love, laughter and good food.

A typical Sunday for us starts out with our wonderful church in Richmond, IN. Though it isn’t a registered ARC church, it does follow the same principals, the same structure, and even receives assistance from other ARC churches and the corporate office. I say that just to give you an idea of what “kind” of church we attend – as there are COUNTLESS varieties out there (Side Bar: the older I get, the more I find this to be true). If you are unfamiliar with the ARC organization, it stands for the Association of Related Churches and it is a great mission. I encourage you to look it up, and even attend one of their churches if you get the chance. Now back to my story…

On Saturday evening, my pastor called and asked if he could ask me some questions on motherhood that he might use in his sermon on Sunday morning. I was delighted to help! After all, my calling is to minister to, encourage, and pray for women of all kinds. He asked me: “What is the hardest thing about being a mom?” He mentioned that, in his sampling, I was the mother with a very small child, or early toddler. I gave him my answer, but I couldn’t help but wonder how other women might answer that question. The answer most assuredly depends on which season you are raising them. Mine sounded something like: “Learning to put yourself last.” I’m doing this thing now, where I try and answer more quickly than I’m comfortable doing. Proverbs is riddled with verses saying the opposite – to think before you speak, or act. Well, it is also very possible to think TOO much and TOO long about something. I think I lean more in that direction. So at Freedom Conference this past weekend, I decided to ask for prayer to get better. So far, so good. God is faithful, ya’ll.

Now back to my answer. Putting yourself last. As I told him, it wasn’t so much a “learning” as it was a “coming to terms with”. I had nearly 30 years all to myself before I became a mom. It has been the single greatest blessing of my life. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a significant learning curve to be had. And as I keep learning: everything changes, and rapidly. Just because I struggle to find my long luxurious showers these days, doesn’t mean they won’t back around later.

So here’s my prompt: Which stage of life are you in with your children? Maybe you are a new mom, maybe you’re entering the teenage years, or maybe you’re an empty-nester. What are the challenges you face? One of the greatest joys of doing these blogs is getting messages from readers, responding to the content.

We hope to hear from you!

All the best,

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