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Love Through Fingerprints (Part 2)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am hoping you all can take a moment and reach out to anyone you think may be in need of a kind word, hug, or high-five! We have really come to enjoy Valentine’s Day at our house. My husband and I exchange something small most years (gift card, flowers, card, date night). Our focus is on our sweet girls! Monte brought them balloons and I have chocolate heart suckers and bubble wands to give them when our oldest gets off of the bus. Of course, they get Dove chocolate hearts from their Nonn and Nonna every year! Dove chocolates are ALWAYS a favorite at the Edwards’ house! As mentioned through part 1 of this blog, Valentine’s Day also brings about a way for us to come together and make something special for those we love!  Supplies and directions are posted below for the “Hearts Soar” craft!

Hearts Soar Craft

Supplies gathered! I moved the table cloth for easy clean up!


  • Pictures of child(ren) posed like they are holding up balloons
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Construction paper
  • Paints
  • Markers
  • Picture frame (if desired)






  • Take pictures of child(ren) as stated above. Cut their body out of the photo.
  • Glue their picture onto the bottom of the construction paper. (If you are using a picture frame for the final product, cut down the construction paper to fit the frame first. I used an 8” x 10” frame.)
  • At the top of the paper, write “You Make My Heart Soar” or “You Make Our Hearts Soar,” depending on how many kids you are crafting with.
  • Using a paper plate as a palette, add dollops of paint in the colors desired. Have the child(ren) dip their index finger into the paint and press the finger above the pictures. I gave my girls baby wipes to clean their hands in between. Allow the paint to dry.
  • Once dried, I took a marker and gave each of the fingerprints a string down into the hand of the child in the photo. I drew some string tails coming out of the other side of their hands.
  • I framed ours, as several of them were shipped through the mail, but this is optional.


Meet Letti! (phot cred and ownership belongs to her mama, Natale Edwards)
Meet Milli! (photo cred and ownership of her mama, Natale Edwards)


Photo cred and ownership belongs to Natale Edwards











Letti adding fingerprints. Photo cred and ownership belongs to Natale Edwards
Milli adding fingerprints. Photo cred and ownership belong to Natale Edwards
Photo cred and ownership belong to Natale Edwards
Drew on the balloon strings with marker. Photo cred and ownership belong to Natale Edwards
The final products! Photo cred ownership belong to Natale Edwards

And voila! Done!

Of course, I kept one for myself!


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