“Light Of The World”

Recently, I was driving home from working at a clinic and I noticed how dark it was outside. The Indianapolis area is on Eastern Standard time. I remember looking at the dashboard clock when I realized how dark it was: 6:35 pm. Not very late into the evening for what seemed like midnight darkness. As I drove into a clearing, out of the trees, the moon was so bright and beautiful! Instantly, I could see the road in front of me more clearly. I could see some animals in a pasture and someone walking a dog on a paved trail. Then I heard the words “Light of the World.”

What I didn’t tell you was just before the thought of how dark it was crossed my mind, I had been praying about what I should share for the Salty Sunshine blog on Christmas! The weight of what I should write about had been on my mind since I told the rest of the gals in our group I would author the Christmas post! I didn’t feel the pressure to perform; however, I had no idea what topic would best serve our readers! The content available to read regarding Christmas is extensive! I certainly didn’t want to be redundant. So, I did a lot of thinking and praying.

After hearing “Light of the World”, I kept humming the tune “Noel” by Chris Tomlin, featuring Lauren Daigle.

“Noel, Noel. Come and see what God has done. Noel, Noel. The story of amazing love! The light of the world, given for us. Noel, Noel.”

I just kept repeating these words over and over in my mind. I thought about how driving home in the darkness, the moon was lighting my way home. Of course, my car headlights were helpful too! When we can’t see we seek out the light! I thought about the three Wiseman using the star in the sky to guide them to Jesus. I thought about the beauty of Christmas lights. I thought about how I turn on the porch light when I am expecting company in the evening. I turn on the light to help them see on my porch and as a sign of “welcome”. I know when I am trying to start a peripheral intravenous line (IV) on a tiny baby, I rely on the bedside spotlight to guide me. We have traffic lights to help guide our direction. The stop lights allow us to know when to stop, go, or proceed with caution. Airport runways utilize lights to guide the pilot in landing the plane safely. All kinds of lights and how we need them just kept coming to mind.

In hearing “Light of the World”, I felt I finally received what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me. Just as light is a necessity needed to illuminate the correct path and guide us safely, Jesus is needed by the world for the exact same reasons! Jesus is necessary! Jesus needs to be in all facets of our lives. Just as many types/forms of light direct our lives, we should look for direction from Jesus and His teachings.

As the lyrics in the song elude: Jesus’ life, from conception to death, is full of amazing love. Amazing love, given to us by God. How blessed we are to receive such a gift! And Jesus IS A GIFT! His love for us is redeeming and forgiving!

So, this Christmas, when you look up in the sky at the stars, catch a twinkle of Christmas lights, or turn the porch light on to welcome your loved ones home, my prayer is you think of Jesus. Jesus wants to be the “light” of YOUR world today and forever! Take a moment to thank God for His Son and His love. Take a moment to tell your family and friends what they mean to you; that you love them. Tell them Jesus loves them!

I’m telling you, We, at the Salty Sunshine, LOVE YOU! We truly do! We pray you have the Merriest Christmas, safe travels and cup-filling fellowship with your loved ones! We pray you have a love for Jesus that burns so bright the world can’t deny who has your heart!

Blessings this season and in 2019!

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