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Life’s Little Helpers

Hi all! Lindsay here. My last post was all about staying flexible in your day-to-day. Life is all about balance—your relationship with God, your relationships with your family, your work life, and your social life. In order to do that, we are all seeking things of this world to bring about that wonderful balance. I’d love to share a few products, apps, or systems we use as a family to keep our balance. We certainly do not have a perfect system, so if you have any other great ideas or concepts you use, please share! Here are a few favorites of ours:

Praise Baby. I commute an hour to work every day with my little one in tow. I like this arrangement for a few reasons. I enjoy the time to just sit and think about my day, my week, and my priorities. I usually do this in silence in the car, but since my little one is with me, I love to throw on some baby worship music. This lets him feel safe and comfortable and to be lulled (usually to sleep) by the sweet sounds of Jesus-inspired tunes. I have a CD, and when we get tired of the same songs, there is an album available on Apple Music. 


The YouVersion Bible App and GoTandem. Both apps are great for staying connected to the Word when you’re on the go. The way I use the Bible app is for reference, for casual reading, and my favorite, Bible studies. There are a plethora of different studies you can do privately or with friends. Anytime I feel a consistent theme flowing through my life in that season that I struggle with, I can usually find a great daily reading to help guide my thoughts and prayers. There are ones for mothers, for friendships, for book studies, for addictions, and the list goes on. I love GoTandem because it sends me scriptures throughout the day that pertain to whatever topic I choose for that week/month. Also very refreshing. 


Marco Polo. Another great app I use to stay connected to my friends and family is called Marco Polo. This is a favorite of 2018. I text my family and friends on a regular basis, but MP is just like that, only with short videos. It makes it easy to connect while you’re on the go. It’s also great to eliminate the urge to text while driving or moving. Another great attribute is the videos are there forever. I get to go back through and see my nieces and nephews as they grow (whenever they get the chance to be in on a conversation). 


Amazon Prime. Oh my… I am so thankful for Amazon Prime. The selection of various items is great, and you can’t beat two-day shipping. I can’t be the only one who is consistently thinking of ways to improve the flow of life, and Amazon is there to help. Baby items, household misc., books, gifts, everything.

Kroger Clicklist. Another genius convenience of the modern world. You jump on the app, fill out your cart, designate a pickup time, and then grab and go! It’s so easy, and it sure makes shopping with children easier.


Well, I hope this list has helped anyone struggling to strike that balance. Again, if you have any great additions that you have found helpful, please share. Living in community with like-minded individuals is one of the greatest blessings we have in this life, and to share is to care. <3



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