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    Free Indeed

    Who the Son sets FREE is Free Indeed From Oppression, Depression, and Chains WE ARE FREED! With faith the size of a Mustard Seed, Mountains were moved with the Good Lord’s Lead! Our ancestors fought to follow a Creed — To Honor the One who did the most selfless Deed; To Sacrifice Himself on the Cross, so we all could be Freed! Who the Son sets Free is FREE INDEED!   To all those who have fought for our Freedom, Thank You and Happy 4th of July!  

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    The 5 Love Languages of Children

    School’s out for summer! That tune has been floating around in my head for a couple of weeks in anticipation of my oldest completing first grade. While I am excited to spend summer with both of my kids at home, I am anxious, as well. As parents, we all know that the first few days will be filled with extra snuggles, crafting, and outdoor play, and getting along seems like a breeze! Then, the bickering will start, complaints of boredom will arise, tiny voices bossing each other around will start to surface, and my overall patience will be challenged by all the togetherness. As I mentioned in The 5 Love…

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    Springing Into Submission

    “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”   (James 4:7 New American Standard Bible)   I don’t know if I am the only one who struggles with submission. Initially, my face physically cringes when I simply hear the word! Submit? Me? NO WAY! I’m not letting ANYONE rule over me! I’m no doormat!! At least, that is what my internal monologue screamed at the word, “submission”—well, until recently.   In previous “submissions” of my writing, I addressed the lies of the enemy and the way that he wants to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) anything good.  What is good is that GOD IS…

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    Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

    Below are just some of the dates we have in our Date Night Jar. These dates can be as fun as you make them; it’s all about putting in a little effort, some creativity, and just having fun together. Please share some of your favorite at-home dates in the comments! Bucket List – Create a marriage bucket list of all the things you’d like to do together. Create it into something you can display in your master bedroom or bathroom or even closet. Type it up in pretty fonts and frame it or make a vision board with poster board and magazines. Make it fun! (We haven’t gotten to this…

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    Intentional Cultivation: Dating Again

    Intentional cultivation—the act of growing, raising, educating, or bettering something on purpose. One skill I was most definitely not gifted with was that of a green thumb…everything I plant dies. Even a cactus has perished under my care. I really have no defense here…apparently, plants require watering, weeding, pruning, proper amounts of sunlight, etc. Thus far, my approach of “plant it and watch it grow” has remained ineffective. You reap what you sow. Galatians 6:7 Just like plants, we can’t expect to have relationships grow when we don’t tend to them properly. My marriage has been in a tough season; I consider it “winter”…harsh, cold, elements not favorable to growing.…

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    The 5 Love Languages

    Have you ever found yourself being presented with a theme or idea throughout your day-to-day without you seeking that information? Does that make sense? I have had the love languages permeate my life recently; much like after you Google a product or place and what you searched for pops up all over your Instagram and Facebook accounts! The difference in this situation is that I didn’t go searching for the five love languages; they found me! The 5 Love Languages, written by Dr. Gary Chapman, was first mentioned by my best friend’s husband, though I don’t remember exactly why. I remember thinking (this was months ago) how cool it was…

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    Everyday Gestures of Love

    Love is in the air! As the month of February approaches, everyone gets ready for Valentine’s Day. Some exchange cards, purchase overpriced flowers, and there is candy galore! As far back as I can remember, we exchanged valentines at school, and my parents got us a small gift and a card expressing sweet thoughts.   Some people call it a Hallmark-created holiday to elicit more spending on cards, flowers, and candy. Over the years, even single people have embraced the holiday, and now, ladies even do “Galentine’s Day” events! My oldest daughter switched schools this year, and Valentine’s Day is a big deal there! Parents are encouraged to order balloons…

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    Love Through Fingerprints (Part 2)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am hoping you all can take a moment and reach out to anyone you think may be in need of a kind word, hug, or high-five! We have really come to enjoy Valentine’s Day at our house. My husband and I exchange something small most years (gift card, flowers, card, date night). Our focus is on our sweet girls! Monte brought them balloons and I have chocolate heart suckers and bubble wands to give them when our oldest gets off of the bus. Of course, they get Dove chocolate hearts from their Nonn and Nonna every year! Dove chocolates are ALWAYS a favorite at the Edwards’…

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    The Game of Accomplishments

    Another year has gone by, and, if you are a lot like me, you are wondering, “Where did it go?” Every year, my head swirls with questions that pop up like a mid-summer afternoon thunderstorm. Questions like, did I accomplish what I wanted, what my family wanted, what everyone expects of me? Guys, I’m 56 years old, and these questions still pop up in my head. Crazy as it seems, I’m really not a goal-oriented person, but year after year, I still ponder what I accomplished last year and what I want or need to accomplish this year.   I decided after years and years of these New Year’s questions,…

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    Blessed by Scripture

    The women of the Salty Sunshine compiled a list of Bible Scriptures we feel particularly drawn to during Christmastime! Before we share those Scriptures with you, our curiosity was piqued regarding Bible facts. Did you know…? In the ESV, “Jesus” occurs 925 times, all in the New Testament. The only book of the New Testament that doesn’t contain the name Jesus is 3 John. (Depending on which translation of the Bible you are reading, the number of times “Jesus” is mentioned will vary.) Ref: bibleq.net The KJV has the word “love” occurring 310 times! Ref: christianbiblereference.com The NIV mentions “forgive” 74 times. Ref:christianbiblereference.org “Hope” is seen in the KJV 130…